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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Red White and Bloomin Luncheon -From the Perspective of an Intern

Written by Lauren
Operation Homefront-Florida Intern

First, let me begin with a warning; just because there are bottomless amounts of incredibly delicious food in front of you doesn’t mean you have to eat like there are bottomless amounts of incredibly delicious food in front of you.  I learned that the hard way Tuesday, March 11th at the Outback Steakhouse/Operation Homefront luncheon.  I also had the privilege of meeting many amazing heroes of our country and their families. 

The speeches were brief and heartfelt from the owners of three Outback Steakhouse branches in the area and also our own Florida Director of Operations, Jeff Gareau, leaving plenty of room for the endless sampling of the new “Red, White and Bloomin’” menu items.  Now, when you go to your favorite Outback Steakhouse, you can order off of this patriotic menu and ten percent of the proceeds from your meal contribute to the one million dollar promise Outback Steakhouse has given to Operation Homefront.  I am so used to acknowledging the men and women of the armed forces as my heroes that it never occurred to me that I could be their hero, and all I have to do is go to Outback Steakhouse and order from their new Operation Homefront “Red, White and Bloomin’” menu; seems like a pretty delicious way to help.
           I also had the opportunity to be acknowledged as a part of this amazing organization that I just started interning for (Operation Homefront-Florida).  I have never been so proud of being part of an organization before.  The military men and women were so grateful for all that OHFL does for them.  For most of the luncheon I was either eating or following Jeff around with a camera, but whenever I did get a chance to stop and talk with someone, I knew I was a part of something important.  Click here for pictures of the event in Tampa and Jupiter, FL.

So, overall, I would call my first Operation Homefront event a huge success.  Not only did I get to eat way too much delicious food, but I also got to be an official part (for the first time) of a local organization who provides emergency assistance for our troops and their families right here in Florida.  I love that I get to be a part of such a noble cause. 
          I’d also like to include a BIG thank you to all of the men and women who honor this great country with their service.  I am so grateful for your bravery and sacrifice and I hope to be able to make at least a small difference in your lives.

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