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Monday, March 8, 2010

Can a CANCELED deployment be a negative?

Written By Linda, Operation Homefront-Florida Volunteer

Military reservists often fall into a “catch-22” category when it comes to qualifying for much needed financial assistance. Consider a scenario which has played out recently for some in Florida: The reservists commit to full-time basic training prior to an anticipated deployment. At the conclusion of training, the unit is advised that deployment will occur in three months. The service member returns to his or her civilian job for this period and alerts the employer, or the service member may be in between jobs and there is insufficient time to obtain full-time employment, so the reservists - and often their families – do their best to stretch their resources while awaiting deployment. When the time for scheduled deployment arrives, the unit learns that their assignment has been canceled. To some, this sounds like a good thing, but it leaves the reservists short on cash, behind on bills and with no foreseeable way of recovering financially. In a sense, these reservists have slipped through the cracks, and they are considered ineligible for most emergency assistance resources that aid military personnel because they have not deployed. As an organization, Operation Homefront-Florida and its supporters must find a way to help these young reservists and their families with critical needs. If you or your organization can assist with monetary donations to provide food, rent/utility supplements or job training until affected reservists can obtain employment, please contact our office today,  mention case FL100013. 

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